zina-calistea-founderHello! My name is Zina and I am the creator of Calistea. The name is a spin on Calista, Latin for most beautiful, with an 'e' slipped in to represent my focus for infusing my soaps with the health benefits derived from tea. I started making soap back in 2000 just for my immediate family and then extending out to other family members and friends. I initially started with making soaps using melt and pour soap bases and essential oils and over time ventured into making soap using the cold processed and hot processed methods. I love the creative expression of handcrafted soap! My soap journey has been a fun learning experience and I love sharing my creations with others.

About Calistea

We specialize in handcrafted soap and body products made with natural and sustainable ingredients. Mineral rich clays, moisturizing butters, and natural plant based oils are brought together using the traditional cold process method to bring your products to help nourish your skin.

Our products are animal cruelty free and crafted with ethically sourced ingredients and are always free of phthalates and palm oil. We care about the environment.